Varieteas is a subscription-based tea service. Each month, you will receive a new blend of three, hand-picked, delicious loose-leaf teas. Each bag differs in type, taste & caffeine to enjoy throughout the day. Our teas help support a healthy, fit & positive lifestyle.

Our Founding Principles:
• What if I could have a tea expert pick out my tea?
• Why do I have to spend so much on premium tea?
• Why do I have to go store to store to pick out the best teas?
• There are SO many flavors of tea. I NEVER know what to buy.
• I want to try them all, but good + unique blends of tea can be expensive!

Founding Story:
The story of Varieteas begins with two childhood friends. Post graduation, the two friends were working full-time jobs across the country. Nick (CEO) was working long, 14 hour days. He didn’t drink coffee or energy drinks, but found himself wanting a healthy source of caffeine that wouldn’t hurt his stomach, wasn’t high in sugar, and wouldn’t give him a crash. Nick’s friends were facing the same dilemma.

Nick’s sister, Liz, suggested tea, but he was skeptical of “tea” being the right solution. He started to research the health benefits of tea, and decided to give it a shot. To his surprise, after drinking it for a month, he found himself more focused and productive. He was hooked! Throughout the month, Nick started searching for premium tea in his workplace and was underwhelmed with the selection of old tea bags; however when he went to search for his own premium tea at the markets, he felt the exact opposite. He was overwhelmed by the amount of product on the shelves. It was all very costly and extremely confusing. This led him to start Varieteas (Variety + Tea).

Varieteas takes the hassle out of sourcing tea, while adding a flavorful “variety” to your palate. Varieteas recognized the need to improve and curate a personal tea experience. Our products are all produced with premium taste, quality, and affordability in mind. Our goal is to provide our subscribers with the best teas, sourced from around the world, delivered right to your doorstep. Varieteas is headquartered in Pennsylvania, with offices in New York City.

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